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03:17am 09/08/2004
mood: *grins*
If you see posts from deadelegantfree, than that's me posting from my writing journal. Thanx.

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07:28pm 04/05/2004
mood: annoyed
Bollocks, Bollocks, Bollocks, Bollocks, Bollocks!

Okay, this is gonna sound really petty, but I need a moan.
When I first came on lj, none of my school freinds knew about it. It was great! Then they all found out - thought it would be 'cool' to have one and all signed up. A while ago, a load of them left because they couldnt stand all the bitching and moaning that was going on and so the others stopped using it as much.

But now, they've all come back, damnit!
I love my friends to bits, but it gets really annoying having them all on lj. Yes, I've started to block some entries from them.
All they do is leave random notes on the bottom of your entries, about stupid, pointless things! And they think it's hilarious! It gets very, very annoying!

I also used to be able to moan about life, get it off my chest and then I'd be fine. But now my friends give me the fucking 3rd degree over any slight maon I have! Just accept it and move on, it's in the past. I have!

(That felt good)

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Damn castles... 
10:38am 31/12/2003
mood: bitchy
Why did there ever have to BE castles? Now we have to MAKE one and I am stuck doing most of the work. The other two of the trio haven't helped much. All Brooke did was her share of the questions. Keely didn't even hand her's in. Giving us a bad grade. I did the design, the technical design, the cutting of the paper cutouts, and I may just have to build the damn castle myself.

On top of it all, my mouth hurts like it emerged from hell. My spacer is making my mouth hurt, eating cereal hurts tons so I can't eat that, where my canines were once hurts, and the missing molar makes it hard to eat. How can you eat caramel with ONE molar and not using the other two because you fear loosing it?

*sucks thumb* I need a blended frappe. Or a Jack Daniels. Or a Wine Cooler. Something with lots of caffine or alcohol ... pweez?

*pinches herself* Oh, not this again...

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Car's Whine of the Day 
09:28pm 22/12/2003
mood: slightly upset
OKay, so there's been a Christmas pageant at my local church ever since - well, probably ever since the beginning of time. I've been in it since I was 5, and ever since then, I have wanted to be Mary. Who wouldn't want to go up there, say minimal lines, and get to sit down and hold a cute kid?

This role was usually taken by the oldest girl who'd sign up.

But in recent years, participants older than 10 have been rare (in other words, I've been the oldest), and also, management of the pageant changed hands.

So now it's the kid of the organizing mum who's being Mary.

And she's been Mary for two years in a row, counting this one.

Today I had a good whine to the kids in this year's pageant about it.

Me: "It's not faiiiiir! I've wanted to be Mary ever since I was little."
Joseph: "And you've been doing this how long?"
Me: "Ever since I was five."
Joseph: O.O;; "...what HAVE you been?"
Me: "Random angel, Gabriel, narrator, and sign holder."
Joseph: *disbelief* "And you've never been Mary?"
Me: "Nooooooooooo!!!" *wails*
Joseph: "..." *laughs at her*

It's not FAIR. I want to be Mary. I've always wanted to be Mary. Holding up signs is fun, but I want to be MARY damnit. *sulks*

...this is very theurapetic. xD

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*blows dust off of little community* 
07:29pm 03/12/2003
mood: cranky

Damnit, damnit, damnit, damnit.

Last night, I was enjoying my new found Lair mod status and giving Noa's Muses membership, not to mention putting them in the list. Thinking I was on a roll, I went to mess around with UT's look - and managed to completely screw up my own. And I didn't save my pretty colors to disk. *weeps*

And you know the whole Secret Santa thing? Well, that was THE ONE TIME I actually got a decent SS that I knew half-well. We redid them today, and I got Tim. A virtual annoying enigma to me. Damnit, damnit, damnit, damnit. Why couldn't the stupid kids in my class not have told anyone and everyone who their SSs yesterday were? It was the first time in my life I got a decent SS...

And I haven't practiced piano since last Friday. And Raeann's ballet thing is tomorrow, damn her. And Friday evening will be the busy evening from hell because there's piano and I'm going to the Playcentre veterans thing and me and Raeann are going to two separate discos. And if that weren't enough, I seem to be the only one from my little triangle of friends going to the disco. Hello! It's your last chance to go to the crappy yet fun school discos, unless you gatecrash next year's discos! Where are your minds?! Rel, can't you skip the damn Friday Night Club thing? Nie, do you really have to take getting revenge on me for making you miss the lameass Fizz thing so seriously?

I'd be looking forward to jazz rehearsal on Sunday, but no, my uncle is coming over from the US for one day only and we have to take him touristing. I want to take a break from my crappy week and dance, damnit! I actually love my dance to pieces for once!

And dude. I have to completely echo Abby and Carlen and bitch about PMS. Didn't know the "chicks living in the same place have synchronized visits from TOM" thing worked over the Net, and through LJ friends list. :D

EDIT: And if that weren't enough, my pad seems to have ripped at jazz. Damn, knew it wasn't a good idea to kick so damn high, even if I look good doing it. I hate it when my pad rips. >_< *goes off to change*

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First thing in the morning. 
11:23am 25/10/2003
mood: groggy
My toast tastes funny. *pushes toast away*

But at least I didn't spill my coffee like I did on Wednesday. Scaulding hot coffee all over me and the wood floor. Naturally my parents were more worried about the floor. I have such a loving family.

But at the very least I finished LVEA. *cheers*

Now I've thrown myself into another 30-chapter epic about dragons. I think it's quite a bit better than LVEA, less mush, a lot more humor, but I won't be posting it on W.W.

I really shouldn't be on the internet. I'm waiting for this woman to phone me back so I can interview her. Plah.

I'm tired.

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With all due respect, world, screw you. 
09:12pm 07/09/2003
mood: distressed
I'm, to quote Igor in RMS, a mere chit of a girl, a brainless ninny.

I've come to realize that my neon green fluffy pencil case, that had only been in my possession for probably just over a week, is well and truly missing. It ain't anywhere to be seen at home, as I really don't recall re-packing it after using its contents at the last Guide camp, and Chamois swears up and down that she's never seen it, and if she had, she would have put it in the Guide cupboard, another place my pencil case isn't.

That damned pencil case had my favourite mechanical pencil, my favourite broken eraser, my favourite damned Uniball pen, and let's not forget my only two (15cm, at that) rulers, several normal pencils, a good supply of red, black, and blue Biros, a little box full of extra mech-pencil lead, and my scissors.


As, due to once again, my own idiocy, Oreo crumbs had penetrated to the inside of my glasses case, my glasses had been wiped down, moved to this very pretty sheer drawstring bag, and relocated to my pencil case.

Which is now missing, along with all its contents.


Not to mention that my parents will kill me, for the missing and expensive glasses, and for the missing, cheap, but almost brand new after all pencil case and contents.

And I haven't handed in my board game. Despite my avid daydreaming of calmly asking Miss A how she can expect us to produce a "professional quality" board game in just over a week, and my reassurances to other people that the most she'll do is throw a hissy fit, the fact is that it isn't finished. And don't tell me to get off the computer and finish it right now, as the .doc, as well as the cardboard I need, is at school.

And let's not forget that RMS is FINALLY pulling together for Tuesday and Wednesday night, and I'm still feeling guilty over hoping someone will get sick so I can understudy them. And bloody Hannah's still not quite sure on her lines, and Michelle's still too sharp on Looking for the Action, and what if I DO need to understudy someone AND THEIR COSTUME DOESN'T FIT ME???

And - it's September. September 7th. WHERE THE HELL HAS THE YEAR GONE?! I mean, I was vaguely glancing at the date once in a while, but SEPTEMBER?! Already?! In about four months, I'm going to frickin' college, and a college I already despise (for no apparent reason), at that.

I suppose the least I can do in my current situation is turn my room upside down looking for the pencil case, tidy my room in the holz for that matter, and, once I've finished my damn board game, make Anime Ambrosia up to such a high standard that Miss A'll never have seen an own project like it. (Actually, I don't think she ever will have seen an own project like it, as AA will be a website.)

*sighs* I've got stuff missing and overdue, and what am I doing? I'm rambling on LJ, as well as writing yet another fic that will probably never get finished. Absolutely ridiculous how the world works.

(MUSELY DISCLAIMER: It's that Time of Month again, and no one was online for her to rant at. We apologize for any distress on Caryl's account this may have caused.)

(Further Musely Edit: Caryl's pretty glasses bag turned up on top of her stereo, and her glasses under a bandanna in her computer room. Ryo is currently administering "How thick can you get?!" treatment. Again, we apologize for any unnecessary distress on Caryl's account this may have caused.)

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10:19am 04/09/2003
mood: annoyed
Just so everyone knows, our database mainframe thingy sucks. "Application not accepting logons"? What's up with that?!

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05:57pm 04/09/2003 daffodils are dying...  

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the rules *winks* 
09:32am 03/09/2003
mood: mischievous
Oooookay. I'm bored, the network is slow, the printer keeps getting jammed, the morning routine bugs me, the lighting in here is giving me a headache, and I just feel like ranting, even though I'm not really angry. So I'm going to put in here my morning rules. Why here and not my own journal? I dunno. ^_~

The RulesCollapse )

*looks at rules, grins*

Dude. I ought to print these out and post them, and see what happens. ^_~

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grrr -_-; 
02:35pm 26/08/2003
mood: discontent
I had to put my sunglasses on, as it is very bright in the office. Also, the fact that my Internet keeps pooping out just aggravates things. On top of all that, the people who stock the snack machines replaced the Hershey's milk chocolate bars with the ones that have almonds in. WHY?! Now I have to go downstairs, which means a ride in the creaky old elevators.

Life just isn't fair...*sighs forlornly*

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Life is a bitch, ain't it? 
12:56pm 26/08/2003
mood: cranky
Why do my parents INSIST on drinking ALL the coffee before I wake up? There I am, lying in bed, thinking to myself, "I don't want to get up. I don't want to get up," but I know I should because it's noontime. So I console myself with the thought that there will at least be a nice mug of coffee waiting for me when I get up.

But low and behold, the pot is completely empty! Not even a drop to be spared! Now I have to settle for cereal.

Maybe I should just start waking up earlier.



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A complete whiney run-through of my day 
04:54pm 20/08/2003
mood: grumpy
-> I totally screwed up my first attempt at sewing up my Yuna doll
-> My second attempt was not much better, but I went on anyway
-> Yunie's (by this I mean the Yuna doll, and not yunalesca78) head was deformed
-> Yunie had a crease in EXACTLY the wrong place
-> Yunie's right arm was longer and skinnier than the left
-> I didn't have time to make her sleeves, boots, necklace, earring, or flower/tie thing on her sash
-> I didn't have time to make her hair or sew on her green eye (this is separate from the above for a reason)
-> EVERYBODY keeps going on about how she only has one eye and I've had to explain that I didn't have time to sew on the other one millions of times
-> I left the A grade netballs and most of my PE gear at K. West
-> I had to walk there and back to get it
-> K. West is quite a way away from St. T's when you're walking
-> This took up most of my lunch hour
-> All of it except for ten minutes, in fact
-> Ten minutes is generally not enough to go to the loo, drink half a bottle of water, and your lunch
-> Miss A kept sending me on errands
-> I felt like a ping pong ball going back and forth between Miss A and Mrs. T
-> I had to walk to and fro the post office to drop off some mail
-> I barely got any silent reading time
-> RE was dumb and boring as usual
-> Miss A declared that we have to wear uniform to MathsWell after all
-> It rained so we had to hold netball in the practice in the hall
-> Netball Wellington people came, and their excercises seem extremely pointless
-> Netball Wellington brought their own bag of balls. I WALKED TO K. WEST AND BACK, IN MY LUNCHTIME, FOR NOTHING!
-> We ended netball practice at 4:15, and I told Mom to pick me up at 4:30
-> I had to wait, outside, in the rain
-> I had to explain to three people that Mom's picking me up, I don't know where Olivia is, Netball Wellington people came, and we practiced in the hall
-> I have to go to a maths tournament, and do maths in what should be my free, non-HW time
-> I have to wear UNIFORM, AFTER SCHOOL.
-> We are having dinner early as to accomodate in the time it takes to get to the person who's driving us to MathsWell's house, and I can therefore not have afternoon tea
-> I'm cold and slightly damp and tired and hungry!!!

If there was ever a day that wasn't worth getting up for, this was it. Oh well. At least Mom didn't run over my foot again, like last year.

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warning: long work-related rant ahead. 
08:15pm 19/08/2003
mood: cranky
Here are the things about my job that I find particularly morning. Don't get me wrong--I'm grateful to have a job, and it is, I suppose, meaningful work. But when Murphy's Law and all its little corollaries come together and attack you at once, you've just got to rant. Or break something. Ranting's safer. ^_~

They don't friggin' pay me enough to put up with all this.Collapse )

That was very therapeutic. I'm telling you, coming to this place is even better than going to a shrink! ^_^

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evil servers 
09:37am 18/08/2003
mood: bitchy
Our server here at work has been down for twenty friggin' minutes. Gee, and I thought it was just this eight-year-old box of bolts that tries to pass as a computer. 'Course, if the computers themselves are that old, God only knows how old the servers are.

And they say they do maintenance over the weekend? What maintenance? It always causes problems on Monday morning. And what's really weird is, it was working fine until they installed that MSBlaster patch. Does anyone else find it odd that supposed upgrades always cause more problems than they solve?

GYAAAHHH! I cannot work in these conditions!!!!

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One more little thing 
05:19pm 18/08/2003
mood: happy
-> I'm playing MASH online, and it's taking absolutely ages. I suppose it's my fault for putting in "25391" as my favorite number. *slaps it*

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A slightly more general/methodical whine about the world... 
03:59pm 18/08/2003
mood: creative
-> A stupid Window newbie again suggested a chatroom, but the silly twit didn't read the thread and realize that someone has already suggested a chatroom, and that I shot it down by saying that Raewyn always shoots chatroom suggestions down
-> Tori (usually known as Vikki), not having a boyfriend, diary, LJ, or anything of the sort, turned to me to whine about all her aches and pains from skiing
-> In checking that my handwritten and somewhat scathing reply to Fantasy was legible (at 10:47pm), I traumatized my eyes for several minutes with the sudden transition from bright, bright light to dark, dark darkness
-> Raewyn, while agreeing with me that Fantasy's remark was uncalled for, blocked her, so now I don't even get to send the reply I wrote
-> The scrolly wheel on my mouse has ceased to work after only about 45 minutes on the computer
-> The production that came to school today was very stupid
-> In thanking me for my impromptu "On behalf of our school, thanks for performing for us" speech, the actress called me "House Captain". The badge doth not the person maketh!
-> The only decent pencil cases at Topline were A) neon green and fluffy, and B) a fluffy, $12.95 ducky. Mum made me get the neon green fluffy one, as the ducky was too expensive
-> The biscuits HW is making us bake are REALLY REALLY, ALMOST SICKENINGLY SWEET
-> We have to make a flow chart for HW. Unfortunately, not many people in the class know what a flow chart is, and those that do cannot sufficiently explain it
-> I've STILL got Lazywriteritis! *cries*

And there's everything I can think of on the spot. I'm trying not to whine about could-be's today, seeing as there's so many of them. :)

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OH! How I missed the shows they cancelled! 
12:02am 18/08/2003
  Okay. I'm going to get this party started....I'm whining right now because I miss the Vacant Lot. A show I loved so damn much, but was cancelled many, many years ago by an unforgivably stupid network brass. I hate you Comedy Central. I hate you sooooo much! The Vacant Lot was a wonderful sketch comedy show, in the vein of The Kids in the Hall. The most obivious difference between the two was The Vacant Lot's sketches were always prefilmed. None of the six episodes shot were ever played out for a studio audience. It also relied much less on regular characters, like the Chicken Lady. Though it had precious little time to develop any regular characters as it was canned before they could even make any. And every episode ended with a song of some sort. So after it was cancelled and I stopped being really pissed about came back. Like a lovely little dove I'd let fly away so long ago.

I'm not sure how it started or why. We have MP3s of some of the ending songs. It's wonderful, but I want more. I want those six episodes. I want to relive the magic that was the Vacant Lot. So I went looking and looking and looking. All I could find were a handfull of web pages, most of them with nothing useful. The only pictures I have from the series is from one site, and only of one song. It's like the show never existed and I'm the lone crazy person who remembers. I want to cry. I miss that show. I want to see AN HOTDOG again! I wanna see the eggies! I want to be blinded by the light! *weeps* I want to kneeslap again. I want to kneeslap FOREVER!!

So I rail against network execs who shit can my favorite shows! The Vacant Lot is just one amongst many. Dirty rotten bastards, I hate you! I HATE YOUR STUPID ASS FACES! I'M GONNA GO HOME AND BITE MY PILLOW! *veiled Waiting for Guffman reference*

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